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Oranges are spherical citrus fruits with delicious meat and orange skin that has been pebbled. Most people think of oranges as a good source of vitamin C (which they are), but they also provide calcium, potassium, fiber, and folate, making them a healthy choice.


Nutrition Values per 100g serving contains Vitamin A Retinol Equivalent: 10μg; Vitamin E Alpha Tocopherol: 0.3mg; Vitamin B1: 0.1mg; Vitamin B2: 0.03mg; Niacin 0.4mg 3.48mg; Vitamin B6: 0.07mg; Folate: 32μg; Pantothenic Acid: 0.36mg; Biotin: 0.9μg; Vitamin C: 40mg; Sodium: 1mg; Potassium: 140mg; Calcium: 21mg; Magnesium: 11mg; Phosphorus: 24mg; Iron: 0.3mg; Zinc: 0.2mg; Copper: 0.06mg; Manganese: 0.05mg; Molybdenum: 1μg and Dietary Fiber: 0.8g. Valencia Oranges have healing and anti-inflammatory properties owing to its wide variety of phytonutrient compounds. It is known to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, protect against cardiovascular diseases, prevent ulcers and reduce risk for stomach cancer, protect respiratory health and promote overall optimal health.


Place Valencia Orange at room temperature in an open bowl, out of direct sunlight. To maximize shelf life, store Valencia Orange unwashed in the fridge to avoid moisture retention on the skin that can lead to mold and spoilage. Otherwise, wash fruit and dry it thoroughly with a cloth before storing.
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