RAK National Hypermarkets was established in 1987. This company has a significant presence in the retail business sector in Ras Al Khaimah. At present 9 Hypermarkets operate in different locations in fully owned premises.

Our Vision is to create a supermarket where service is visible as a value addition. Quality is also the result of sourcing materials of high quality, keeping in mind the needs of the discerning customer.

A wide variety of products is stocked in well defined and well marked categories that are easy to locate. A Lot of thought is put into the design of each outlet, considering the location and customer preferences.

Service has many faces in RAK National Markets: the well trained salesmen, efficient and friendly cashiers, the pleasant packing assistants, to list a few. Efficient Service involves many elements

RAK National Markets

P.O.Box. 2228
Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
+971-7- 2352229
Fax: +971-7-2355853
Email: aswaqho@eim.ae

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